WordPress Maintenance

Choose a plan that works for you.

What you Get by Enrolling

Automated Site Backups

We automatically backup your website to our cloud storage every day so you will never lose any data again.

Wordpress Core Updates

Keep your site secure and never worry about updating WordPress core files again. Let us handle all your updates immediately.

Plugin Maintenance

We take care of making sure your WordPress plugins updated to the most recent version to maintain the highest level of security for your site.

Theme Maintenance

The last piece of the security puzzle is maintaining your theme so that it is up-to-date.  We take care of taking care of this for you.

30 Minute to Unlimited Jobs

Need a plugin installed, or a blog posted?  Or maybe you need a small update to your theme or set up redirects, we can do that. We provide 30 Minute Jobs, completed when you need them with fast daily response times.

Site Reviews

We want your website to be as effective as possible, which is why we provide site reviews that provide you with ways to improve your site.

Keep Your Site Safe & Secure

Whether you have a small business or a large organization, we have a plan that is right for you.  Choose the WordPress plan that fits your needs.

We focus on your website’s needs so that you don’t have to. We take care of all the needed updates – which includes the WordPress Core, Plugins and theme.


What does a small job mean?

Netizenly provides small jobs for your WordPress site each month, we class a small job as a task (or multiple tasks) that can be completed in 30 minutes or under. Typically things like theme or plugin installations, small changes to your site such as updating colors or fonts, resolving plugin clashes, adding new plugins, configuring a banner and so on.

Time allocated to small jobs does not roll over each month.

What is the response time?

Our goal is to resolve support tickets in 6 hours or less. We work normal business hours Monday to Friday, Central Time and also monitor support requests at the weekend for urgent tickets.

What if I require something that takes longer than 30 minutes?

For projects that are a larger scope, we are happy to provide a quote for you that outlines the number of hours it would take to complete and an estimated cost. We are happy to provide your design/development needs related to WordPress.

How many sites are included?

Each plan is for one website and you can signup multiple times and add as many websites as you like.

Can I signup for just one month?

Yes, our plans are billed monthly so you can signup for one month of support and end your plan at any time.